Driven by the rapid expansion of internet and mobile technology Mobile web Apps has attained more impact all over. (PWA)’s have become an essential component of business in today’s world.
Mobile app websites known as PROGRESSIVE WEB APPS/HYBRID APPS is not a new framework or technology. It is a set of technologies and practices, which allows us to create web applications similar to the native ones.
A web app is an advanced mobile website which allows higher levels of interaction with users by taking full advantage of mobiles’ functionalities.
Mobile app websites are Web applications that run like regular web pages or websites which provides the user an app like experience. They are adaptive, simple, and easily navigated to load websites faster and provides better performance comparatively. They are simple, responsive, and linkable also provides an app like experience to users. They don’t eat data as they are of lesser MB.


As they are built with progressive enhancement, they works for every user regardless of the browser used by the user
Fits to whatever size of screen it is, whether it is desktop, tablet, mobile device or any future gadget
Any page or screen on your PWA can have its own shareable direct
Progressive web applications can work both offline and on low-quality networks.
Able to update themselves automatically. Stays fresh always.
They are served through HTTPS, so unauthorized users can’t access their content.
These PWA websites have helped to target numerous clientele and customers at a time. They are responsive to every device, accessible via any browser. Runs on full screen with the look and feel makes PWA attractive by users.
The design should encompass elements from different systems, so all users can navigate comfortably. Mobile’s web page’s content needs to be as light as possible. Moreover, the website should be responsible and enhanced with features to provide app-style navigation and interactions. Making the daily update up-to-date is a must factor for maintaining user visits.
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