The Rapid growth and evolution of internet has paved way for many clear-cut changes during these years. University websites are one among them. Along with marketing to prospective students; learners gained free access to view virtual informations about the institutions they might like to attend. Websites made things easier.

Designing, expanding or managing a university or college website can be challenging for many institutions. It’s not just commercial businesses that need effective websites, but also educational institutions such as universities, colleges and schools. When college websites are appealing to users, they helps to attract more student applications. There are several things to be noted in general while designing a website. Let’s take a look.


A website should be designed in a way as the title suggests.

A framework for all departments within the university will ensure design consistency for the website. While providing information communicate about each departments in detail. Clarify the goals and activities of the departments

This helps in better understanding and effectively increase the level of flexibility.

Creating separate homepages for different user groups and personas for instance freshers, visitors, staffs can be helpful. Personalised logins, homepages or interactive student areas can satisfy their online needs from one central point.

The aim of the university website should be clear, understandable, visually pleasing and user-friendly.


Every new events or notifications can be updated within the homepage for ease of access. Notifications like results, course updations, study materials and others also need to be highlighted.


Having a website that is consistently updated with fresh content is important. University events and news in common can be added to make the website more informative and appealing. Updates regarding admission and university events can be included along with photos and videos will make the website more visually pleasing.


One of the most important category updation in a university website is providing examination notifications. Separate categories can be created for each departments will make students easier to find information.


It is common for every institutional websites to have a student supporting services to make communication easy and effective. These help students navigate the college and helps support students access to success with academic courses. Apart from these services university websites also gives importance to academic enquiries and visitor helps.

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