SEO for Open Cart Online Store

OpenCart is a free eCommerce software which provides an online store management system. Optimizing your OpenCart online store is essential to make your site’s search engine rankings higher and your store will reach more potential customers and for better conversion.

Optimize every page

Every page of your online store can be indexed and identified in the search engine result page. By providing relevant Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta keyword for each page so that search engine can easily pull your store data.

Optimize the URL’s structure

Keep your site URL shorter, meaningful and including product keywords. Add SEO keywords for every page, information, product and category you want. It is also the building blocks of an effective site hierarchy and directing users to their desired destinations.

Reduce server response time:

The faster your site loads leads to a better ranking, implementing a caching solution to reduce this issue and also consider optimizing database tables.

Add google analytics to your OpenCart site :

Google Analytics is a popular, free, powerful reporting and metrics tool for any websites owners. Get valuable insights into how your website traffic works, know what to do next to improve your website’s ranking.

Custom landing pages :

A platform that allows you to create custom landing pages leads you to target more keywords and to reach specific market groups. It has specific benefits that set apart from business websites and make them an effective lead generating and marketing tool.


A blog is an essential tool in the SEO’s fort which has an effective strategy for building backlinks. And Google has repeatedly recommended content marketing which offers a full-featured blog, social sharing can lead to more conversions.

Alt tag control

Optimized image alt tags have been robust with high rankings. Look for a platform that allows you to edit the alt tag values for unique images.

Ultimately SEO for open cart online store will help you to reach potential customers and brings business up. Adds additional benefit to reach products in city or counry level based on your requirements. We are the best SEO agency in India to help to reach branding and potential customers through organic