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Whether you’re about to launch your first website for your business, or have been around the web for a while, you might be thinking about what kind of content management system to use. Before web content management software was available, businesses relied on static pages being uploaded directly to servers in order to publish their websites. For various reasons, some organizations continue to update websites this way, and have serious limitations on their ability to scale and improve their web presence.

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If your website doesn’t have a content management system, and you think maybe it’s time to make the change, get to know the top reasons for using a CMS.

Multiple editors
If you need to give website editing access to several people, there’s no better solution than a content management system. It’s the best way to provide limited, focused access to the areas of your site that need to be updated without opening up the entire site for unintended or unsanctioned changes.
Rather than creating new pages from scratch, a CMS allows you to rely on templates you can reuse to create as many pages as necessary with the correct layout and functionality on each one. This enables your site to maintain a consistent look as it grows.
A true content management system designed for multiple content contributors doesn’t stop at content creation and publishing. It allows you to customize and implement an editorial processor workflow to ensure all content is reviewed and approved by the right people prior to going live.
Content focus
By separating your website content from its design, your content management system allows your marketing team to focus on producing more content to drive website traffic, improve SEO, and convert customers. Removing design and technical skills from the process makes it more efficient.
Global changes
Through the use of templates, reusable files and assets, and various features, a content management system makes it easy to make changes across your entire website without having to update each individual page. Whether it’s a phone number, your logo, or a header image, you can update or change them globally when using a CMS.
Ease of use
Making the management and upkeep of your website a coding-free non-technical task helps you get updates live faster, and also opens your site to more content from a larger group of contributors.
A content management system doesn’t just protect your website from overly enthusiastic content editors. Installed as an application behind your firewall, a decoupled CMS can also ensure that your site is more secure and can’t be easily exploited by hackers.
If you’re still uploading static pages, you might not have a good way to collect data on content performance and effectiveness. Measuring the impact of your content is critical to making it a business driver, and a CMS should enable you to track performance, or easily integrate third party tools to help you do so.

The most effective types of content include:

A content management system is not required for running a website, but it makes that job infinitely easier, and the time spent running the site more productive. If your website is critical to growing demand and sales for your business, implementing a CMS can help you effectively scale your website and digital marketing solutions.

Have clear goals for your content

Are you looking to increase awareness of your business? Generate leads? Increase customer loyalty and trust? Know what you want to get from your content before you start.

Have clear goals for your content

Are you looking to increase awareness of your business? Generate leads? Increase customer loyalty and trust? Know what you want to get from your content before you start.

Consider your expertise and value

While it’s important to keep to topics that you are knowledgeable about in your line of work, also consider what you want your business to be known for and any specialties you want to promote. For instance, if you are a restaurant that is launching a new brunch menu, you may want to create and share your favorite brunch recipes.

Consider your audience

The point of content marketing is to get your audience to consume your content. But if your content isn’t valuable to them, they won’t look at it. Think about who your website visitors and social media followers are and what they would find relevant. What can you provide that will make them not only engage your content, but share it with their online networks of friends and family? Strive to understand your audience, and incorporate that understanding into your content offerings, both on your site and in your social media channels.

Weigh the costs and benefits of different content development options

When it comes to writing a blog or taking a photo, you may be comfortable doing that yourself. However, you may want to consider getting outside help from an affordable, professional creative services agency to do the heavy lifting for content that involves video or a lot of graphical artwork. Just make sure you’re involved in the creative development if you outsource.

Optimize online content for the best search results

Remember that all online content should be accessible for Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. For example, text in static graphics cannot be crawled by search engines. Consider using design techniques that give search engine crawlers greater access and context.

Measure frequently

As with every facet of your business, metrics are key to recognizing trends, seizing opportunities and demonstrating return on investment. Content is no different and it’s helpful to know what content topics or forms work best for you as you develop new content.

Now that your business is online, it makes sense to consider what your content is saying and to whom. With so much access to information, buyers are surely getting savvier when it comes to doing their homework on your business and others. Your online content is among your first and best opportunities to engage and possibly convert a prospective customer who visits or follows your business online. Make it work for you.