Introduction and Applications of Internet of Things(IoT)

Introduction and Applications of Internet of Things(IoT)

If you’re reading this you must have been connected with the internet, whether using your mobile or desktop. The internet of things basically connects devices through internet which allows to send and receive data. IoT is changing our lives smarter, comfortable, secure and effortless.

Think of your cellphone before it was a smartphone you could call and send messages but right now you could watch movies, listen to any songs. It’s not because your mobile has every song in the world actually, every song in the world is stored somewhere else. Your mobile can send information and then receive information. This facility makes things smart.

Earlier cellphones were used for connecting people and then smartphone used for connecting devices. Now IoT applications are going towards smart homes, connected cars, connected wearables and also in various industries like automobile, banking, healthcare, etc. For example, take smart homes in IoT platforms, you can access every device in your home by just a click. It provides security, convenience and comfort.  Starting from door locks, TV, lighting, appliances, security cameras everything is interconnected.

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