Benefits of IoT in Agriculture

Benefits of IoT in Agriculture

Smart farming or agriculture automation involves the integration of technology into agriculture. As an added advantage they also increase the quality of agricultural products and for farmers by reducing huge labour and difficult tasks. Precision farming is one roof idea for IoT based approaches which makes farming more controlled and accurate.

Smart farming or IoT for agriculture is also called a third green revolution. Agriculture automation is one of the most efficient and resourceful that the farmers have ever seen. Among the technologies present for today’s farmers are sensing technology, software applications, positioning technologies, robotics and automation.

The core factor of IoT is the data which optimize the agriculture process. In an IoT installed farm it collects data and process that data in a regular cycle ensures farmers to react to rising issues and variations in climatic conditions. Our farmers need to be digitally educated in order to leverage the advantages and benefits of smart farming technologies. The gap between their understanding and the available technology is the major concern for adopting smart farming.

The dream of farmers is to know whether there will be sufficient rain or any other climatic changes is in the near future. Finally, the overall process for smart farming is software managed sensor technology which reduces the cost cutting, increasing the production and quality of the agriculture process.