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Sneha Paul Web Series Watch Full

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You have missed every non-essential thing in the world and one very important thing has gone unnoticed by you. That's what you expected." I suppressed my anger somehow.

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O Namita, you didn't care for me." Instead of commenting on my carelessness, Medha tried to impose her accusatory responsibility on the girl.

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While walking, no one helps you with any work. You have been advised many times on touching the medicine box. Why do you consider yourself responsible for everything!

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I was shocked. My eyes automatically rolled down. There are many good things in Namita, she does a lot of work, she is also humble, but she cannot tolerate any talk of injustice and spews poison in the form of bitter truth. My anger was quenched and my lips widened with a compromising and submissive kind of domestic laughter.